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Clash of Kings Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies -Part 2

2) Troops

Before you start using troops to attack other kingdoms, you should learn first of the four types of soldiers you have and their particular skills.
When it comes to defending your castle from attacks, it’s best that you use your infantry soldiers and swordsmen.

They function better when they are defending in a stationary location. It would be a bad idea to use them when attacking other kingdoms because they are too slow and they die easily. Speaking of attacking other kingdoms, you should make use of your archers.
Archers can completely destroy a castle in Clash of Kings without losing a single life because they can attack at a safe distance. This is especially true if the castle you are attacking has a very weak wall and poor defense. You can also use Chariot Plant units when attacking castles. These units are very effective in causing massive damage even at a long range.
Before you attack any castle, make sure that your troops have the upper hand compared to the enemies. If you attack an army that’s much stronger than you, you might find your army destroyed and with nothing left to defend your exposed castle of Clash of King
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