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Which one is better, Clash of Kings or Clash of Clans?

I have started with clash of clans. It’s an awesome game. Addictive. I played it for a 3 – 4 months. Then I found Clash of Kings. I thought it is another imitation of clash of clans, but wanted to give a try.
Once I started to play Clash of Kings, I came to know it’s nothing alike Clash of Clans other than the similarity in name. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Clash of clans let you design your village by letting you arrange buildings strategically. This is one of the feature Clash of King lacks.
Clash of Kings gives you a real feel of having a kingdom, or being a lord/lady. You can view other Castles by navigating the kingdom maps. Book mark the coordinates of some one who attacked you when you are away or week to revenge later. Gather resources from all over the kingdom. View alliances and their power before joining them. Share resources between your allies to help each other to build your castle stronger.
There are politics make you feel this is real. You’ll meet people who are loyal and stick with you. Reinforce you when some one march to attack you. Retaliate when you are attacked. So, even less powerful lords/ladies can be safe from others attacking and stealing their resources by getting the protection of an alliance. You also meet people who are selfish, they’ll be with you, get help from all members to grow while not contributing much, and leave you for a bigger and powerful alliance. Like a real alliance, you can make peace with another alliance to not to attack each other and make combined attacks on powerful bullies. In Clash of Kings, the user interaction is must to defend castles or attack another alliances. You’ll have to use chat and mails to organize everything. Some alliances even uses whatsapp, viber or kik to communicate with each other when one of them about to be attacked.
I have an experience which I think describe the politics. I have been in an alliance for two months, that was my first alliance. All the members are good, they helped each other. Leader is somewhat a cocky guy I think, last week a low level member left the alliance and the leader launched an attack on his castle. Compare to me or alliance leader, that guy was nothing. I felt bad for the guy. So, I asked why are you attacking him. I was told that he is being attacked for leaving the alliance. I didn’t like it, but I said ok. Then the leader told me to rob the guy as all his troops were killed I can easily go and rob all of his resources. I refused. I told him that I wont go and rob someone who is defenseless and week.
I was demoted from highest rank to R2 which is one rank above from bottom level. Also I was insulted by the leader saying that I’m a coward and didn’t want to get my hands dirty. I was told to pull all my troops from gathering, and put them to work in alliance buildings. (each of us contribute a part of our troops to build alliance building and use remaining for gathering resources). I sent a mail to everyone saying I’m leaving and gave them 8 hours time if they want to attack me for it, and I’ll teleport and join another alliance after. They didn’t attack, and begged me to join back. Said they’ll issue a public apology statement. I already decided to leave, so I said sorry and left.
You can see how this resembles the actual kingdom politics and how a bad leader can lose a powerful ally. This is what I like in Clash of Kings. I saw the answers stating Clash of Clan is better than Clash of Kings game. Might be true for some one. For me, Clash of king is the better game than clash of clans. You should try both game for at-least two or three months before deciding.
Clash of Clan lacks this buddy helping system. Even if you are a member of a clan, you’ll be attacked by random people and loose all your resources.
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Clash of Kings hits 65M downloads after a year

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