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Clash of Kings tips, trick clash of kings

This time I want to post a reply …. CLASH OF KINGS ….
here are some of the main building of the empire:
  1. Castil: people check out our empire
  2. depot: barn reso / resources empire can reply diprotec if attacked)
  3. drill ground: the capacity of troops that could be sent out of our empire .. be it for attacking an opponent / find resources
  4. college: this is the core of the development of our empire .. dmana there could upgrade such as an increase in resources, the strength of the defense, the attack power of our empire … the higher the level I want in the time required upgrade is also getting old …
  5. embassy: The building’s air alliance (group / league / clan). Disni we can increase the time help “help” andreinforce capasity .. reinforcce this capasity mksdnya how we can accommodate the number of troops from the alliance teman2 us …
  6. market: it already know all the gan ?? hahahaha exchanging resources of course ..
  7. hall of war: nah this building who shouted gan..ane call it building a war … hahaha … why ?? because this building for wars … here there is a feature rallied troops . point, when we want to attack the other empire, we can do well teman2 alliance rally the troops (forces unite) of some empire ….. nah, this building use to control how many troops were able ditampungya … level in this building of course ….
  8. whising well: gan … This new building functions for resource allocation for free download .. hehehhe
next we go out Castil … exactly … the castle courtyard
there is a building suport Castil such as:
  1. military tent: the building is useful as the amount of capacity we can make the troops … the higher the level, the greater the number of troops that we can make a click … and the maximum amount we can make this tent military buildings 8 loooo
  2. hospital: just like real worldnya … point for our troops ngobatin sick … I mean the pain, if we die because troops were attacked inside the castle , then everything will be treated in the hospital (according to the total capacity of troops that can be treated) , and this building we can make a maximum of eight seeds gan …
  3. farm: a source of income we Castil .. Maximum 8 seed ..
  4. sawmil: as a source of wood Castil us .. maximum 8 seed.
  5. ironman: as a source of iron Castil us .. maximum of 8 seeds
  6. Mithril mine as a source rock we Castil … maximal 8 seed.
Link download and play free online:
Last source of power of the castle we … ie ….. troops 
for this force we have 4 types … cavalery, Infantry, archers, and heavy equipment … masing2 there spsifikasi of 4 types td ….. ( the image on the right side) and plus building fortres which is used to make a trap / trap in our empire ..

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