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The first man in the kingdom – it’s you. You build, send troops to battle, chat with other players – in short, doing everything to make your kingdom continued to live and develop. Your avatar in the game is the Lord – and developing Lord, you are, in fact, improve the whole kingdom immediately. The Lord gives great increase to the military skill, economy and construction – the main thing to know exactly how you want it to be pumped.

As a “working” Lord?

First, when you are creating your Lord, you will see a name change free and one free change of avatar. All subsequent replacement of these two elements will cost you units 200 and 400, respectively, of gold.
Choosing the right name and image to your Lord, you will see a picture of his two bands – blue and green. Blue demonstrates the preparation (and the rest to raise the level of) experience, green reflects the endurance.
Experience for the Lord recruited virtually all the useful actions in the game. We built the building? Get experience! Complete this quest?More experience! Defeated in battle? More experience! Accumulating experience and increasing the level of the Lord, you receive gifts in the form of gold and resources, and that is even more important, get skill points.
Endurance, Stamina is also used to attack monsters – require five points stamina to attack the monster. One point of endurance restored six minutes – but this time can be reduced with the help of science, attachments points of the Lord in the right skills and the use of objects.
Among other things, the Lord can equip six kinds of equipment – weapons, helmet, breastplate, pants, shoes and a ring. Each of these items will increase the efficiency of certain areas of your kingdom – something to enhance the troops, something will accelerate hiking, something will improve the science.

How is the Lord?

There are three branches of the Lord skills – fighting branch, branch development and support of the branch. In general, the filling of these branches appropriately named – combat increases attack and defense units, the development will enable cheaper and faster to build, gathering more resources and support to make your castle stronger and increase the efficiency of all its buildings.
Let’s try to examine them in more detail.
Fighting branch has three active and many passive skill to improve health, various attack and defense units, as well as to increase the possible “load” units of harvests.
The three active skills are immediate return that returns all the active march back to the castle for three seconds; Total mobilization, allows you to send in March by 10% more troops within hours after activation; Help and after activation which all units no longer die in battle and instead receive the status of “wounded” that allows them to recover in the hospital back home – but if the beds in hospitals will not be enough, the wounded units still die.
Passive skills, as mentioned above, increase the “carrying capacity” groups and enhance specific types of units. One of the most useful “enhancements” are improving attack archers and cavalry, chariots and health, as well as the “carrying capacity” mentioned above. Why?Because you often have to send these troops to the mining and resources will be essential to ensure that the maximum number of returned home chariots with the maximum amount of production.
Branch development also has three active skill, and a pile of passive enhancements that allow resources to collect different types and store them in more quickly.
Three active skill: Abundant harvest, allowing to collect resources for multiple hours ahead; Crazy collection, increasing the speed of collection of resources twice for two hours; and protection of resources, not allowing opponents to gather your resources for two hours after activation.
Passive same skills are divided into those that increase the rate of separate collection of resources, reduce construction time and scientific developments and increase the potential supply of resources. When investing skill points in the development branch is useful to all of the above, but if you do not want to deal only with the construction and resource gathering, we must first of all pay attention to the acceleration of the construction and acquisition of basic resources (food and wood) – so you can quickly check out on early stages of the game and will be able to turn their attention to the development of the army.
Branch support again has three active skills and a lot of different passive skills in different directions and may help to protect the castle attack monsters and healing the wounded.
Passive skills, as mentioned above, are divided into many different types. You can speed up the attack on the monsters, reduce recovery time stamina, speed up the production of the traps to increase hospital capacity, accelerate the healing forces and to reduce the cost of the cure, to increase the number of soldiers in training, and even increase the speed and power of attacks turret towers. Branch support is combined with the combat branch – if you can improve the hospitals and at the same time will develop active skill Help from combat branches, you can minimize casualties. With frequent attacks on your lock support branch is also very useful in view of the improvement of the turrets and traps – you can better defend against the advancing enemy.


Now that you are familiar with the branches of the Lord, it will be easier to decide how best to develop in the Clash of Kings. I hope that this guide will be useful to you and you will be able to occupy a place of honor among the players in the server of one of the largest MMO strategy!

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